Invitation To The First Dance

Invitation To The First Dance

Locations:  Maroubra,Casula,Sydney CBD,Baulkham Hills,Lane Cove,Annandale

This voucher is for 3 x 55 minute private lessons. These lessons will give the basic steps and moves to ...

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This voucher is for 3 x 55 minute private lessons. These lessons will give the basic steps and moves to dance to their chosen song with the emphasis to have them looking comfortable and natural and like they look like they know what they are doing (even if they dont!). Suits those who want a simple dance and to know what to do so they dont look awkward, uncomfortable or boring for their First Dance. The 3 lessons are adequate to put together their whole dance and for those who can, will also will also result in some nice moves with a bit of a dip and/or twirl.

Wedding dance lessons can change their Bridal Waltz from a mere formality a couple feels they have to survive, into a one of the magic moments of their special day and become a cherished lifetime memory.

The lessons are fun as well as rewarding and can be one of the most enjoyable things a couple will do together as part of their wedding planning and preparations.

A gift of a Wedding Dance Lesson Gift Voucher is something that is truly a part of their wedding day and will be remembered with pleasure through their married lives.

Our team of professional dance teachers are experts at creating a dance for any couple, even the most seriously two left footed persons, so that they look nice and feel great as they perform their First Dance as man and wife.

We cater for the most simple dance requests for those who just want the minimum to survive the experienceand not look awkward, through to extravagant wedding dances for those who want to make their Bridal Dance a spectacular part of the reception.


Maroubra, Casula, Sydney CBD, Baulkham Hills, Lane Cove, Annandale


3 x 55 Minutes

Valid for

1 person.


No age or fitness restrictions. Not recommended for people with back problems/injuries. Please notify the instructor if you have any injuries or are not able to do certain activities.

Additional Information

Early bookings essential.

Non attendance voids voucher (24 hour cancellation policy applies)


Maroubra,Casula,Sydney CBD,Baulkham Hills,Lane Cove,Annandale




$270.00 AUD inc GST
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